Pricing (FAQ's)

I am in the USA and having issues with the amount showing when I go to checkout?

Currently all amounts will automatically convert to $AUD when you are ready to checkout. We understand this can be confusing and we are working on this technical error to be corrected.

Why should I pay for your product if I can get other products cheaper?

H3AL Tattoo Aftercare is a specifically formulated product which has had the input of many tattoo artists worldwide. 
Not only are you paying for high quality product, you are paying for:

  • An Organic Certified Product.
  • A Vegan Certified product.
  • An Animal Cruelty FREE product.

Just to name a few.

Are there any sales or discount codes available now?

If you sign up to our emailing list you will automatically be first in line to get all of our discounts and offers as well as some exclusive offers.



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