How to use H3AL (FAQ's)

Before we go any further, we need to remind you that the best advice you can be given on aftercare is from your Tattoo Artist! 
We have found that every Tattoo Artist has different aftercare tips and it is not the case that “one size, fits all”.

Be observant of your skin and body and remember to avoid common things during the healing process like:

  • Overexposure to sunlight.
  • Using harsh soaps, sprays, cosmetics and other liquids on the tattoo.
  • Swimming (pool, freshwater, ocean, all swimming!).

*If you encounter any problems, suspected infections or concerns it is best you visit your GP to ensure you give yourself, your skin and your tattoo the attention it deserves*.

Can I use H3AL only as an aftercare or to rejuvenate old tattoos as well?

H3AL was originally formulated as an aftercare but works like magic to rejuvenate your old tattoos! 
This is why even if you think you won’t need this much aftercare for your new tattoo, you can continue using it well beyond the healing time.

How often should I use H3AL and for how long?

If you are someone with known skin sensitivities and/or allergies we recommend carefully reading through the ingredients and doing a “spot test” before applying to a new tattoo!

As a general recommendation H3AL will be used a minimum of twice a day for aftercare and for a minimum of 14 days or until once the tattoo has healed. 
This is once in the morning to apply protection from bad bacteria and to apply moisture to your skin. 
And once at night to provide moisture and assist to accelerate your healing process whilst you sleep and your body naturally heals itself.

Different climates such as a cool dry climate *may* require you to use the product more regularly, in larger amounts and for a longer period of time. 

Different skin types such as oily skin *may* require you to use the product in smaller amounts and less regularly.

H3AL is to be used accordingly to how and when you feel necessary. 
Our recommendation is a guideline as to how it can be used, not “the only way” it can be used.

If irritation occurs, please discontinue use immediately and seek the advice of a GP.

H3AL has irritated my skin and/or not worked for me what can I do?

Firstly if the product has irritated your skin discontinue use immediately and we do recommend seeking the advice of a GP to ensure your safety.

If you have gone through the recommended steps of carefully reading through the ingredients and doing a “spot test” and have not found any known allergy please send us an email to outlining your issue and send back the product within 30 Days of the purchase and we will work on resolving the issue and issuing a refund.

If the product has simply not worked for you and you are not satisfied with the results it has given you please follow the steps above and please give us some feedback, we are focused on creating the ultimate aftercare, we understand everyone’s skin is different so developing something that works for everyone is a tough gig but we are doing our best!



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