Tattoo care that's #OuttaThisWorld

Revitalize is committed to ensuring your tattoos are vibrant while your skin is moisturised & nourished. Always organic ingredients.

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Beyond Earth, there are no chemicals. the 'Eye’ saw the destruction humans were doing to their skin, using harmful chemicals to care for themselves. This made the 'Eye' disappointed. So in 1918 it sent an asteroid with the most “out-of-this-world” ingredients to a small farm in New Mexico.

For a long time, the humans of this earth banned these new found ingredients because they were too powerful! One hundred years later, in 2018, the 'Eye’ had made a way …we now use these ingredients with the guidance of the 'Eye’ to formulate the most powerful, organic healing formula to directly heal and rejuvenate new & old tattoos.

Caring for your skin and ridding the world of harmful chemicals.

We give thanks to the 'Eye Of Revitalize’, we are your humble servants.